We Are All Witnesses

IMG_1060(2013.08.03) I came across this video and I found it enlightening and moving. I had never heard of Lisa Kristine before but after watching this 16 minute video, I felt inspired, connected and emotional. Lisa Kristine will always serve as a star point in my own journey; I am glad to have come across her mission and grateful for her experiences; and her words will resonate throughout my life. I can relate to her journey of searching for meaning, fulfillment and I understand the sensation that the unknown was calling out to her to come explore. And that we are all bound by simple feelings of curiosity, wonder and bewilderment, fear and the mystery of death. That we all are trying to make sense of our lives and our purpose. 


I left the US when I was 18 for 5 years and I found people from whose example of living might teach me some grace in my own life. I met with them, lived in their villages, spent time with them and got to know them. I would take these 30 day bouts of sitting alone in a cave in silence. During those years I was looking for meaning  and all the while, I was making images. I wasn’t photographing to be a photographer but to find my way in the world.

When I’m asked about what my process is, I always say it’s simply about being in awe of another human being. And not in the Mount Everest-kind of way but the simple kind of awe one gets from seeing another that lives a life of gratitude.

I truly believe that if we are all connected and we can see one another as fellow human beings, then it become very difficult to tolerate abuses or to see one another as less than equal. We all share the gift of our first breath, the adventures of all our lives, and indeed the mystery of death. What separates us is fear and the perhaps the idea that we’re separate.

I don’t consider myself a photo-journalist; I really consider myself a witness.

I heard this great quote recently: “An enemy is someone whose story you have not heard yet.”


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  1. One of the best tools i use in sobriety is “MOTIVE”. In every situation I encounter, I always ask myself “what is your motive in this situation?” If any part of my motive is for “personal gain or personal satisfaction”, then it is wrong. It will almost always insure that I am doing something good for someone else.

    • Such a valid point, Rob! I am always searching for people’s underlying motive – does it come from a positive place/a place of growth? Sometimes, when I was younger, I questioned people’s motives because I never understood them or related to them. It is interesting as we journey through life that situations bond us and barriers are put up but taken down. Thanks for your comment!

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